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Christian Book Publisher

Holy Fire Publishing


Your doorway to getting your

Christian book published!


We know how hard and expensive it is  to publish a book, that's why we at Holy Fire Publishing created a platform that will make Christian book publishing affordable and painless as possible.

You set the royalties

Most-value payment plans

You keep the copyrights

God centered publishing

Manuscript formatting

No forced contracts

Join the thousands of writers, authors, bloggers, pastors, missionaries and professors  who chose to self-publish their books with the most experienced Christian-owned self publsihing company, Holy Fire Publishing.  

Be empowered and Publish your Christian book today!

"In the publishing industry I do not know who is number two, but Holy Fire Publishing is number one with this old missionary."

Kenneth Gran | Ending All Deception

"My experience with Holy Fire Publishing has been wonderful; I could not have asked for a better publishing company."

Nicole Gabhart | Watered Down Coke

"I think you are the most equipped, efficient group of people I have ever worked with!"

Pam Coonan | Connect The Dots Bible Study

"Words alone can not express my gratitude for what everyone at Holy Fire Publishing has done for these books"

Christine Daniel, M.D. | If There Is A God Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People

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