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You set the royalties

Most-value package payment plans

You keep the copyrights

God centered publishing

Manuscript formatting

Christian Book Publishing

Holy Fire Publishing

Your doorway to getting

your Christian book published!

"I think you are the most equipped, efficient group of people I have ever worked with!"

No forced contracts

Want a bigger audience for your book? Give your Christian book the audience it deserves- the WORLD!

Let us work together and grow God's kingdom through your Christian book.

Pam Coonan | Connect The Dots Bible Study

We know how hard and expensive it is  to publish a book, that's why we at Holy Fire Publishing created a platform that will make Christian book publishing affordable and painless as possible.


Do something that will lead others closer to God. Join the thousands of writers, authors, bloggers, pastors, missionaries and professors  who chose to self-publish their books with the most experienced Christian-owned self publsihing company, Holy Fire Publishing.  

"Words alone can not express my gratitude for what everyone at Holy Fire Publishing has done for these books"

Christine Daniel, M.D. | If There Is A God Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People

Be empowered and Publish your Christian book today!

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