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An Editorial Service is an "add-on" to your current Christian book publishing package, not a stand alone service.  Click HERE  to get started on getting your book published!

Each of the editorial services listed below includes 1 free resubmission if needed.  

Extra charges may be required for any extra submissions.  Pricing for our editorial services are based on the word count of the submitted manuscript.

Line Editing Service

(or "Light Editing")

$.025 per word

This basic level of copyediting is where the editor reads a manuscript or document to find typos, grammatical errors, problems with syntax, alignment problems (e.g., with bulleted lists, numbered lists, indented material, figures and tables, etc.), heading-style inconsistencies, and specific publication guideline differences.

Substantive Editing Service

(or "Heavy Editing")

$.0325 per word

This service Suggest rewrites, reordering content, doing research for photos or Websites, and/or adding a glossary. It may also include checking the validity and labeling of charts, tables, and photos; checking on answers for questions; ensuring companion or ancillary books are referenced correctly. This “Heavy Editing” will also include editing for ESL (American English as a Second Language) authors, or those who need special accommodations (e.g., nearly blind authors may use software to translate their speech into writing). If a specific author needs “editing down” (to cut words to fit a tight space, say in a text box), that would also fall into “Heavy Editing.”

If you have already submitted a Book Proposal, been approved and have purchased a package and now wish to use one of our Editorial Services, please contact us using the contact button below and send us an email or call us and tell us which service you are interested in.  Tell us you want either the "Line Editing Service" (Light Editing) or the "Substantive Editing Service" (Heavy Editing).
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