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Page Numbering and Location

It is not necessary for you to do page numbers in your manuscript we will gladly do this for you. However, if you desire a “special way” you want them numbered, then you may enter them in the header or footer as you see fit.  We will add the Title and Copyright page so leave the first two pages of your manuscript blank and labeled as such.  We recommend that all chapters, table of contents, forewords, dedications, or introductions START on the right hand side of the book or on a odd-numbered page. You or we will also add blank pages inside your manuscript so that this odd-page rule will happen as stated above.  We will also add a blank page at the end of the book for a required bar-code.

Total pages in your book must be divisible by 4, and that includes Title Page through the blank page at the end of the book.

Graphics or Pictures in the Interior of Book

If you have any pictures for the interior of the book, they need to be in black & white or grayscale if you are not doing a color interior book. Make sure you have permission or copyright for any picture or diagram you submit.  If you have diagrams or pictures, you MUST also make sure they are located & placed in the “printable-area” or within the printable margins of the book.

Graphic or Picture for the Exterior ( Cover )

Your picture, of course is optional on the back cover. But if you do wish to have one, we recommend you send your assigned Publishing Specialist a JPG formatted picture file. We would like to see a color high-resolution ( 300 dpi ) , close-up of the author.  If you wish some other graphic on the back cover feel free to discuss this with your Publishing Specialist.

What We Need From You

  1. Properly formatted manuscript file. (Your book)

  2. Author biography file ( 80-100 words long)

  3. Description or Summary file (80-100 words long) This file will be used for ONLINE marketing and your back cover of your book.

  4. Copyright Information file. For example… New King James Version of the Holy Bible, Thomas Nelson Publishers Copyright 1980. If you used the regular KJV no copyright is required.

  5. Authors picture. JPG or graphic file for the back cover.

  6. Cover Idea File. If you're purchasing the custom cover send us your book cover idea or ideas so our Art Department can customize your wishes as best possible. (Word file or email your Specialist). If you are purchasing the standard cover we need your Template Style choice found here. There are 6 Styles to choose from there. Email your Specialist with your choice.

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