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Royalty Calculator

Use the Royalty Calculator on this page to select your book size, page count, retail price and distributor discount.

You're in the drivers seat at Holy Fire Publishing.  You determine your book cost and how much you make in royalties.  Put your book information into the calculator and see how much money you will make with your book.

Calculator field descriptions:

Size and Type of Book is where you select what size and type of book you want.   We recommend you select a traditional paperback like 6x9.   In addition, book are slightly cheaper if they are over 105 pages.  Keep in mind that hard back books are very expensive to produce. 

Estimated Books Size Pages is how many pages your estimate the final book being at the size you selected.

Retail Price is the suggested retail price you set for your book.

Distributor Discount is the percentage discount that you will offer the distributor and retailer to sell your book. The wholesale price of your book is the retail price minus the distributor discount. This is how the distributor and retailer make money.  The discount you give can be from 20% to 55%.  If you set your discount too low combined with a low retail price some stores may charge a higher price than your suggested retail price.  This discount allows the distributor and retailer to make a profit. Most distributors and retailers like 40-55% discount.

Results are based on your selections

Royalty is the amount we pay you for every book sold through distribution or an outside customer.  We pay you every quarter for books sold.  Author Price is the discounted price that authors can buy the book.  It is also used to determine how much we will pay you for books sold through the distributor.

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