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Happy New Years!

Wow! How did that happen so fast? Is it just me or is time zooming by quicker then it used to?

So my BIG question for you is this......Is your New Years Resolution to publish that book you've been pouring your heart into? If your answer is yes, then you need to just do it! Don't put it off any-longer.

There are some great publishing companies out there. You just need to decide what type of publishing you want done. A lot has changed over the past few years in the publishing community. It used to be that you, the author, would write a book and have a publisher by the rights to your final product. Well, things have changed!

In a traditional publishing model, an author must find a book agent, and then try very hard to impress a large book publishing company. If the large company such as Harper Collins decides they like your book, they will offer the author a deal and purchase the ownership of the print license from the author in return for an advance on royalties The publisher then manages and controls the whole publishing and distribution process. Traditional publishing is what most people think of when they say “book publishing.”

Another model is the Self-publishing one. This means the author does all the publishing work and retains all rights to the book. Are there downfalls to this? I believe so. Number one, it's a lot of work! It's not very professional and if you hire expert help, it's costly.

The third model is a blend of Self-publishing and a Professional publishing company. The author still retains total creative control over their content and design. It's faster time to the market and in reader's hands and it's much less expensive.

So do your research and choose wisely. This book is your heart and you want it to reach as many readers as possible.

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