Support From Your Publisher

We at Holy Fire Publishing understand just how exciting it is to get your book published and into the hands of readers all over the world! But, I bet you're wondering, what support should I expect from my publisher.

Writing a book can be a daunting process! You'll be going through so many different stages of emotions while writing your manuscript. Do you have a team to support your endeavor? Not only should you have your family and friends but your publisher should be part of your support team too. At Holy Fire Publishing, we understand that support ranks up high with all the services we offer.

We have a staff of Christian artists, designers, publishing specialists and publishing managers whose goal is to serve Christ by serving you. We are committed to publishing quality books that will help bring integrity to the publishing world. We will not compromise core Christian beliefs for any amount of profit.

Additionally, to support our authors, we have a host of different services that you can choose to use through your journey. You can browse our services at this link and see if our company is just what you need:

We truly hope that when the time comes for you to make the next step that you will consider partnering with Holy Fire Publishing.

Do You See Your Book? We Do!

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