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Holy Fire Publishing Acquires New Title - The Seduction of Suicide and The Healing Power of the Spir

We are so pleased to partner with author Susanna J. Carlyon in publishing her new novel The Seduction of Suicide and the Healing Power of the Spirit.

Here is a short description of this heart wrenching but hope casting novel: At a time when I was burdened beyond description and just moments away from ending my life, God intervened! This is my story of how God rescued me from the pit of despair, suicidal thinking and the bondage of Catholicism, and transformed my life. It’s about the challenges that ultimately led me to a love relationship with God, and delivered me from religious falsehoods and spiritual ignorance. And it’s about being given the blueprint for life through Jesus and the spiritual tools for the healing of my deeply wounded soul, by the power of God’s Spirit. Hopefully my story will encourage you.

Stay tuned for the release date coming soon!

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