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New Book “The Seduction of Suicide and the Healing Power of the Spirit” Teaches Jesus for Overcoming Suffering

Susanna Jayne Carlyon discusses the correlation between domestic violence, criminal behaviour, substance abuse, mental health issues and the missing spiritual knowledge of God resulting in human suffering.

Melbourne, Australia. (PRWEB) February 07, 2017, Holy Fire Publishing ( releases “The Seduction of Suicide and the Healing Power of the Spirit” (Paperback, U.S. $15.99, ISBN: 978-1-60383-529-9 ) Susanna Jayne Carlyon highlights the turbulence of damaged, dysfunctional lives and how damaged lives can be turned around through the power of God’s Spirit through Jesus.

Susanna Jayne Carlyon’s “The Seduction of Suicide and the Healing Power of the Spirit” is a testimony to her troubled life, affected by domestic violence, divorce, custody loss of her youngest child and her failed suicide attempt, but also her time with the Aboriginal people of Utopia (Northern Territory, Australia), the journey leading her to Jesus and the healing power of His Spirit. She desires to see God’s truth about His love for all mankind spread universally through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Carlyon discusses relationships and the urgent need for the world to address generational suffering, violence and mayhem, grown out of faulty religions, erroneous religious teachings, spiritually lost political leadership and dysfunctional personal relationships.

“As with my first marriage, my second marriage was on a slippery slope from the very beginning, because I was so disempowered by that stage, and neither my new husband nor I had the essential interpersonal relationship skills to make it work. But I had also entered into the marriage knowing that the man I was marrying had been unfaithful to me just weeks before our wedding! And once I had discovered this, I had felt trapped – with absolutely no way out of my terrible predicament due to the turmoil in my thinking and the fear that dictated my responses! (pg. 80).”—Susanna Jayne Carlyon

Carlyon covers her time living and working in the remote community of Utopia, as a nurse practitioner, and the Aboriginal input into her life that contributed significantly to her understanding of humanity’s spiritual nature, which was later expanded through the word of God and her relationship with Jesus. She highlights that Jesus Christ has given mankind the knowledge of God that can end violence, mental health issues based on fear and violation, broken relationships and many other issues causing human suffering the world over. She hopes to make clear the correlation between domestic violence, criminal behaviour, substance abuse, mental health issues and many other social ills that are causing untold misery and suffering, and the missing spiritual knowledge that is of God. She discusses the negative impact her experiences with the Roman Catholic Church had on her life and the lives of her parents and siblings.

Susanna Jayne Carlyon, 65, served as an RN for 36 years in operating rooms, Community Health, Aboriginal Health, Aged Care, Dementia, Rehabilitation and Palliative Care. She’s promoted mental health through spiritual insight in public forums and workshops since 2003. She wrote “The Spirit – the Missing Link in Mental Illness” (2000); “BALANCE – Personal Empowerment through Spiritual Insight” (2001); “Soul Custody” (2004); “Islam, Jesus and the Path to Peace” (2007) and “One God, One People, One Universal Peace” (2012). She completed a diploma in Community Services, specialising in AOD and Mental Health, holds a Certificate in Chaplaincy and Mental Health First Aid. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, and has two married sons and five grandchildren. Contact her at

Holy Fire Publishing (, publisher of hundreds of Christian books, helps Christian authors reach the world through the printed word.

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