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Faith, Hope and Love

Feature Book of the Week by Sol Motsepe

Faith Hope & Love: Trustworthy Threesome to propel you to abundant health, joy, peace and prosperity

Faith, Hope and Love are a fortified and secured chain that guarantees the road to prosperity and success, joy and peace and good health for those who exercise them in their lives. When you live with the consciousness of God’s prescripts and commands, you will savor and enjoy the beautiful plans and purposes that He will unfold in your life. No matter your circumstances and situations, you will be fully fortified in the security of His faultless love.

As you read this book daily, you will see abundant blessings and God’s goodness coming your way. You will have peace, joy and hit the high road to prosperity. You will enjoy good health and have a positive attitude towards life as you live according to His will and purpose.

Start today for the next 90 days with inspiring spiritual words and cultivate a deeper sense of the Lord’s presence and rest in dependence on Him.

Take this link to buy this book:

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