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Press Release: "God the Father, Zoe and Satan" Shows God's Love for Mankind and Explai

"Satan is no more!" declares Zoe Kesse in her latest book "God the Father, Zoe and Satan." Using her own personal experiences, Zoe expounds on the love and kindness of the Almighty and explains why we must return to the arms of the Lord and His only son, Jesus Christ, if we want to be saved and go to Heaven.

SPRINGHILL, Tn. (PRWEB) August 2017. Holy Fire Publishing ( releases the book "God the Father, Zoe and Satan" (ISBN# 978-1-60383-544-2). Delving into the personal experiences of the author herself, the book expounds on the love of God for mankind and provides proofs and arguments as to why Satan is no longer here on Earth. Ms. Zoe Kesse's work discusses the importance of repenting and accepting Jesus Christ into one's life. According to her, it is the only way for humans to live a God-centric life and enter heaven.

According to "God the Father, Zoe and Satan," ever since Satan was banished on Earth, he has tried everything to stop the children of God from fulfilling their destiny. However, the Holy Trinity thwarted his plans and banished him to hell fire where he rightfully belongs. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are here to help mankind get away from the fallen angel, guiding them back into the arms of Jesus Christ and into heaven.

The author says she is a living testament to this. Being born afflicted with sickle cell anemia, Ms. Kesse claims Satan tried to stop her life in every way. Apart from inflicting her with various diseases and medical conditions throughout her lifetime, she claims Satan has also used her husband to convince her to forsake the Lord. She says even though she is married, she is pretty much on her own, particularly on matters concerning her spirituality. Satan, she says, used this against her. However, he didn't succeed.

"I am a witness to Satan being taken away from earth. God the Father stopped him from hurting and killing me and His children. I support it and I will put my life on it, as well as my signature on it. He is definitely no more," Ms. Kesse says.

It is in this vein that the author encourages everyone to repent and return to the loving embrace of the Almighty. In her book, she writes that while the Lord is a loving, trustworthy, and a merciful God, an outstanding and exceptional example of an earthly Father who is full of wisdom, compassion, and truth, He is also here to judge us. She believes that the final days are near and God the Almighty will smite and condemn those who will reject and have rejected Jesus Christ, and those who choose to continue to live in sin.

When asked what her goal is for writing "God the Father, Zoe and Satan," Ms. Kesse says she wanted to bring awareness to mankind that Satan is no more. She also wants to let everyone know that it is not worth following or working with him for he has been defeated for the third time by the Most High and His Team.

The only way to enter heaven is through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Ms. Kesse points out. Citing Matthew chapter 18, verse 3, she says that unless we convert and become obedient to God Almighty, we won't be able to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Anyone who is feeling lost and looking for guidance to return to the fold will surely find "God the Father, Zoe and Satan" a revelation. Using her own experiences as an example of God's unending wisdom and love for mankind, Ms. Kesse wields her book as an instrument to remind everyone that God is always on our side and would never abandon us. In return, we must obey His laws and acquiesce to His will.

Ms. Zoe Kesse was born in Accra, Ghana, in West Africa. Currently, she is living in the United Kingdom with her husband and son after moving there in 1996. An exemplary student during her years of schooling, she obtained a Master's degree in Botany and Microbiology. She developed a very strong relationship with the Lord after meeting Dorcas, whom Ms. Kesse described as a "very quiet lady." at Cape Coast University. According to her, Dorcas truly loves the Lord Jesus Christ and she told her that simply being religious will not get you anywhere with God. You must also remain pure and free from sin. According to Ms. Kesse, her words have greatly changed her and her mother's life.

To help spread the word of God, Ms. Kesse is involved in numerous ministry and outreach programs in the UK. She participated in a street outreach, did door to door evangelism, and regularly works as a volunteer with the youth pastor in Eastbourne among other activities. She also volunteered with the ladies church group from Church of God to bring worship to patients in one of the care homes in the area.

Holy Fire Publishing (, publisher of hundreds of Christian books, helps Christian authors reach the world through the printed word.


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