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The Only Gospel That Saves. All Others Condemn To Hell

This book explains the one true saving gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of much confusion and false teachings of modern Christianity. It explains true Biblical salvation in contrast to modern evangelism, which leads many on the broad road to hell.

Author Bio:

My name is Milton Edwards and I am 43 years old. I am married to my wonderful wife Felisa with two sons Martin and Milton Jr. I was saved in 2006 and my wife was saved about 2008. Ever since God saved me, my desire has been to proclaim the entire Word of God and the gospel, so that people can understand and be saved. I felt it was necessary to write a book explaining the true gospel because of so many false doctrines being propagated in the churches. I see so many people in churches who don't understand salvation and the infallible Word of God. Many don't understand that salvation comes from God and not from us deciding to choose Jesus whenever we like. I want people to see for themselves what the Bible says and not just believe everything the pastor says.

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