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The Window Within

Book Description:

A broken window pane allows us to see more; to feel more. The window is not the view; it only allows the view. The broken pieces become a part of us; incremental, myriads of colorful treasures through which we view the world around us. Communication is an art. When words are well chosen they come alive; pull the reader in as emotions surface in a world that hides from truth. Writing bares the soul as it brings forth humbleness and humility and aims to touch a heart in need; this window within- a book of poems and prayers hoping to color their world with a kaleidoscope of expressions. May they heal us and reveal to us...a world in which God intended for us to live.

A broken heart sees more

feels more

despite all the broken pieces

as one views a world of wonder

through the eyes of Jesus...

​Author Bio: ​

Steven T. Wellman, 52, is an Air Force Veteran who enjoys writing and believes it is not only a tool for healing but also a gift from God. He enjoys public speaking and loves a good debate. Steven attends North Highlands Church of Christ where he serves as a Deacon. He resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana with his wife, Lisa, of 22 years, their daughter, Michaela and grandson, Zaiden. His escape is working outdoors in the yard in which he refers to as" God’s Garden"; being one with nature and all of God’s creation is a marvel and a mystery; where beauty in the simple things is often beyond words.

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