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Dream On: Connecting The Heart of Dreamers and Visionaries

Book Description:

Dream-On is a mandate, God breathed word to young and old, male and female – to dream, to be visionary, but most importantly to connect.Imagine a world in sync with the prophetic flowing, the dreamers dreaming and the visionaries casting to light the impossible. God solutions for life and future and purpose. That world is here in the now, challenging our generations of dreamers and visionaries to be dynamic, to manifest the spirit of excellence and to be the best that God wants us to be.

Dream On is a vision, a revelation that explores God’s end time call to dreamers and visionaries; you and I, to start dreaming the God dreams and nurturing the next generation to be effective in their roles as visionaries.

This book explores the life of Joseph who dared to dream and relentlessly pursued his dream that took him from the pits of slavery, to the house of Potiphar then to the prison dungeons and eventually to the house of Pharaoh and the most important throne in the land; besides Pharaoh’s at least. Despite the betrayal at the hands of his own brothers, Joseph reminded them that God had planned his life for the good for the saving of many lives.

Your dreams or visions are meant to influence people around you. In fact, as dreamers and visionaries connect and work their dreams and vision, they will usher in a revival. The winds of revival are blowing across the world and dreamers and visionaries are taking their place in the end-time church, to be vessels that the Lord will use for His greater purposes.

This revival will be unlike any other. It will come through visionaries and dreamers connecting with the Holy Spirit and with each other and equipped and used by God to manifest His presence to the world.

This end-time revival will not just be in the church, but also in the workplaces, the streets, the communities and even in the most unlikely of places. This Holy Spirit move will bring about new-found boldness amongst believers as they declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Author's Name: Romulo Nayacalevu

Author's Bio:

Romulo Nayacalevu has the heart of a dreamer and a mind of a visionary. He puts himself in the heart of this book. Having become born-again in high school in 1993, he has dedicated his life to pursuing God and discovering God' best plans for his life.

Alongside his beautiful wife Vivienne, they live in the Fiji Islands where they are committed to serving and empowering young people to discover their purpose in Christ. In ministry, Romulo serves in the Board of Scripture Union in Fiji, ICEJ Fiji, the Pacific Students for Christ an affiliate body of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, and his local church amongst others.

This is his first book and it captures the revelation of what he is keen to be part of, the connection of Dreamers and Visionaries in the end-time church.

Book Cover titled Dream On by Romulo Nayacalevu

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