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The Dis-ease of Lies

Author Bio:

Joel A Omonigho finished his primary education from Nigerian Baptist Convention (NBC) primary school in Sapele, Nigeria, and his secondary education from Government College Ughelli, Nigeria. He graduated from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, with a B.Pharm (Hons). He holds an M.Sc. degree in Sustainable Development from the University of London and a postgraduate certificate in Legal Studies (Open University), London, UK.

He lives in London with his family and is the Managing Director of Eseme Limited, trading as Bows Chemist, Rainham, Essex, UK. He is a Christian and was a deacon in Ashurst Drive Baptist Church, Ilford, Essex, UK.

He is a member of the Rotary Club of Gants Hill, Ilford, Essex, UK, a branch of a global philanthropic organisation. He is a role model for young people under the auspices of the Black Training and Enterprise Group (BTEG), London, UK.

Book Description:

Sufferers from the hurt of lies knows the intense emotional pain it can generate. It is not uncommon to hear someone cry out: why can’t people be truthful for once when hurt by any form of dishonesty. Unfortunately the world is saturated with various forms of deceits because society recognises and accept some form of lies as necessary evil. How does this resonate with Christians? This book, The Dis-ease of Lies does not only mention the burden of lies, but also how Christians can fine tune their views on lies from scriptural perspective. It contains biblical references that encourages its reader to resist the urge to redefine some lies to align with societal understanding.

Can society function effectively without lies? The book did not answer or argue that. However, it reassures it’s readers that a truthful heart can enjoy the beauty and goodness of life by the special grace of God.

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