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Answered Prayers While You Were Out: An Aneurysm Survivor's Story-combined with FAITH, HOPE &amp

Author Bio

Lee Palmer is an intercessor prayer warrior, youth leader and mentor who believe that in every experience there’s an invaluable lesson to be learnt.

Born in the UK, raised in the Caribbean and educated in both cultures, her unique perspective on social and spiritual events is evident in her tireless efforts to meld the two phenomena.

She is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and holds a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Management Studies and Accounting along with a Master of Arts degree with merit in Human Resource Management from the University of Westminster.

She serves at her local church as a Family Ministries Leader, member of the choir and of the parish prayer group and gives back to her community by serving on the board of the Peace In Life Counselling Centre as Assistant Facilitator for Youth Training, Educational and Welfare Programmes.

Book Description

Answered Prayers While You Were Out - An Aneurysm Survivor’s Story ~ combined with Faith, Hope and Love; is a story portraying God’s miraculous healing power in the 21st Century. It takes you in depth into the many answered prayers of an aneurysm survivor and his wife as he overcame the odds when he was given a second chance at life.

The will to survive, incorporated with faith, hope and love, which are the three gifts remaining to mankind, sets the platform for an earth shattering and mind blowing testimony of God's goodness.

This incredible story surrounds a wife’s faith and determination to defy all the odds including ignoring the facts presented to her; in order to keep her husband alive. This she did by doing the only thing she knew she was destined to do, to intercede on his behalf and pray without ceasing, fighting battles no one else could see.

It depicts life as they knew it, and how in a split second everything changed as their entire world came crashing down taking with it all her hopes and dreams. In these pages lies their faith journey throughout the darkest season of their lives.

An insight on coping strategies and the varying stages of recovery is also given to assist those who may find themselves in a similar situation and often times ponder on what to do when they don’t know what to do.

In the midst of this, the importance of having a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father and trusting him through every situation we face is emphasized; as in spite of how one feels, the views of others, the facts laid out before them or what the world says, it is God who has the final say.

This was highlighted in the various ways God came through in this their deepest, darkest season. No matter what we go through here on earth, God sees all knows all and understands all and no matter where you are He is right there with you.

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