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Judah Be Praise

Author Bio:

Peter is a minister with a Non-Denominational Mission Church in Korea and teaches English as a Second Language. He grew up in New York and has served as a missionary in Latin America and Asia. He is married to his wife of 9 years and currently resides in Korea.

Book Description:

From our modern cities to rural and remote villages one can see the beauty of praise and worship springing up across the globe as a sign of God’s great love impacting lives in this grace filled and challenging time in history. Where does it all come from? The Spirit of God has ignited praise in believers throughout all of history.

We can see in so many witnesses from Able to Noah, Abraham to Israel, Judah to Moses, David to Elijah, Mary to Zechariah and among a host of angels, elders and all the redeemed that praise is everywhere in the Bible. The gift of praise, as both an act of love and a way of life, rings out it’s sweet sound throughout the entire Bible.

This work focuses in on a small but significant portion of Scripture that highlights praise the action and the lifestyle. The Bible passages were selected to build us up from the roots of praise found in the identity of Judah the 4th son of Israel and establish us more firmly and securely upon the true Cornerstone of our spiritual house of worship-Jesus Christ.

In Genesis we find a call that was sounded to Judah and every nation to come into relationship with the God of all the Universe and be established in a life of worship. In short to live a life of praise unto God. Praise is our response to the revelation of God’s faithful love as witnessed to us through His beloved Israel and as an expression of love, joy and gratitude for the saving, healing and restoring love of God in Jesus Christ His Beloved Son.

Judah Be Praise is to sound a note of encouragement and an invitation that has been there from the beginning of creation. Namely, that we would discover, and experience God’s great love breaking into our lives and that we would be formed and built up together as a people of praise.

Like David beside still waters, multitudes of people from even the most remote places on earth are coming into the awareness of who they are, and were always meant to be, and are fast becoming a people of worship. Judah Be Praise is a reflective journey through the Bible that encourages us to embrace our trust identity and live a life of worship. Its aim is to edify our relationship with the God of all Creation and give believers everywhere added vision for a future of great promise.

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