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You Can Also Become Great: The Principles of Greatness and Benefits of Wisdom

Author's Bio

Christopher Israel Mbonge is a founder and presiding Bishop of the Kingdom Heirs Pentecostal Church Worldwide.

He is also the president of, The Royal Priesthood Ministries, a leadership Bible Training School that mentors and equips ministers of the gospel in third World countries.

He is also a radio and social media life coach.

Short Description

This book highlights the principles of success as depicted from the word of God. It helps one to understand laws that constitutes the path leading to the life of greatness.

The book will catapult you to think, ACT and ultimately make you great.

Full Description

By you buying this book, you have enrolled yourself into the school of wisdom and greatness.

This book guarantees you the life of greatness. It will not only inform you about the laws of life but it is packaged to empower your mind to aspire for great life.

As you explore further, you will learn the true meaning of success and that you can be a big hindrance to your destiny if you do not do an introspection. As such there is need for one to improve and build his/her self-worth.

The last part of the book nails it all by bringing out the principles of wisdom.

Put on the seat belt as I take you through the journey of greatness, you can also truly become great.

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