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Servant of The King

Author's Bio:

Barbara Buckman grew up in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. As part of her education, she spent a semester in Spain as part of a student exchange program.

Barbara was working for an insurance company before being married in 1978 then chose to be a home maker several years later.

A love of quilting, writing poetry and short stories led her to establish a fine arts program at her local church. She has often shared her poetry with her church family.

Barbara lives in Omaha with her husband Daryl. This book is her first adventure in publishing.

Book Description:

King Richard III has his hands full overseeing the country of Baladia. Tensions are mounting with surrounding nations. The Kurtogovians are massing at the border and the Marans support of slavery is evoking protests by the Baladian subjects.

Fortunately the king’s son, Crown Prince Richard, is by his side to deal with the pressing issues at hand. His dependability and pleasant nature are admired by all. Or are they?

When Prince Richard falls ill, the prognosis is shocking. Aplastic anemia. Without a bone marrow transplant, he will die. Will the King’s brothers, Lord Byronie and Lord Carmarthen be able to donate? Or perhaps Eric, John or Bernice, the Prince’s siblings will be able to save his life.

When forced by unforeseen circumstances to look outside the family for a donor, the King appeals to the public to help. Can the royal family’s prayers and faith prevail? Will someone be found to save the prince or will more sinister plans prevail and cost the Prince his life?

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