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Pen in the Spirit

Author Bio

Michael P. Mallardi, a Magna Cum Laude graduate of University of Notre Dame, was one of ABC’s Executive Vice Presidents and its Chief Financial Officer. A member of its Board, he later became Senior Vice President and President of the Capital Cities/ABC Broadcast Group.

Book Description

During the course of a recent sermon on the mystery of The Trinity, a priest opined that those who come to know God best are mystics and writers of religious poetry. Pen in the Spirit is a book of 152 poems written by a former corporate and media executive inspired to write poetry as a result of several religious experiences and a spiritual reawakening.

In many ways, reflecting his own personal experiences and spiritual growth, the author’s poetry looks at God and many traditional devotions and practices from a unique perspective. Attributing most of his inspirations to inaudible words, thoughts and themes coming from The Spirit, hence the title of the book, many of his poems were written in the middle of the night.

The few poems about his family or of a philosophical nature, offer an insight about someone who journeyed from East Harlem, to the corporate suite, to the plume of a poet.

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