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No longer Zombies but complete in Christ

Author Bio:

Rika is now retired and lives with her husband, Stephen, on their farm at the West Coast of South Africa. Rika enjoys walking with the sheep and to spend time with them. Their two sons live and work in Cape Town. Her most precious and enjoyable times are being with her husband and sons. Her most outstanding moment in her life, was in August 1979, when she and Stephen both met the Lord Jesus Christ.

Book Description: Rika Geldenhuys, a retired teacher and school psychologist, dives in the depths of human thoughts and emotions by examining the sound waves as a stimulus. Rika exposes the truth behind the toxic effect that some music, rhythms, and lyrics have on the body, mind, and spirit. She emphatically states that "The mind of a person is where reasoning takes place.”

This reasoning can be the result of the words of God, men or demons which enter a person’s mind (thoughts) and one must be very careful with what is allowed to enter the mind. The sound waves travel to the brain to alter not only a person's thoughts but also the emotions and the behavior. As a result, the entire personality will be changed over time. The stimuli which are received on a daily basis are either positive or negative and that is why Christians, need to be extra aware of the information that they accept.

"No Longer Zombies but Complete in Christ" is based on the spiritual premise of the book of Proverbs 23:7 "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he."

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