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Every author needs to work very hard to articulate their own voice. You are an individual with a certain way of speaking and acting. Don’t try to be someone you are not because people won’t take you seriously. You are unique and who you are sets you apart from everyone else. Make your book yours, not someone else’s.

Begin your book by…..just writing your story. Forget about the technical stuff. Write an entire chapter and print it out. Get yourself a vibrant red or bright green ink and start editing your work. Put this chapter aside and start writing another chapter. Repeat these steps until you’re done. Now, you can go back and fine tooth the edits.

Do NOT format your manuscript. Why? Because your publisher has certain guidelines during the formatting stage in order for your book to come out looking professional. You may think you are helping but in fact it makes your publishing specialist have headaches. You should have a good working relationship with your publisher so any ideas you may have for your book will be made known.

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