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Christian Author Testimonials

Read what our authors are saying about Holy Fire Publishing

These testimonials are proof of our commitment to help Christian authors publish their work and grow God’s kingdom through the stories they share with the world. Read some of our authors' kind words and experiences in working with Holy Fire Publishing.

"I think you are the most equipped, efficient group of people I have ever worked with!"

 I just can't say enough about how impressed I am with you; the way you all know your job, do your job, and move together in such harmony. It is wonderful to observe! I think you are a great example of how the Lord wants His body to work. You, Vanessa, are a great facilitator, and your attitude is much appreciated. I wish I knew you better. Now a word to Jay - I believe you made the cover. (If you're not Jay, but you are the one who actually made it, then this is for you) You are amazing. You not only have great skills, but you have an anointing on you to do your work. You really caught what I was trying to say in the summary. If I didn't say a word about it - even if there were no summary, your cover would tell people exactly what I want them to know about the book. I have shown it to many of my friends and they all love it. And those that know what my intent is, agree that your really 'caught it'. Thank you so much. Now about Zelma. She is wonderful. And SO capable. This was not easy for her because I do things fast and miss a lot of things I shouldn't miss. Also, the format, not being just simple text that needs spellcheck, margins and spaces, was a lot harder to deal with. But she was extremely patient, sweet spirited, and very accommodating. Lastly, Ed. The owner. If it weren't for his humble, and generous spirit, I would have signed up with another company. Actually I had the contract right in front of me when I called Holy Fire and he answered the phone! In just a minute I knew I was going to throw out the 'other' contract' and sign with you guys. I was very happy about that and felt strongly that the Lord had worked this out. But all of that aside, I NEVER expected such efficiency! You all need to go on the road and show America how to run a business. You are a great witness. God bless you.

Pam Cloonan | Connect The Dots Bible Study

"In the publishing industry I do not know who is number two, but Holy Fire Publishing is number one with this old missionary."

From start to finish Ed and company have guided me through a learning curve with courtesy, patience and professional manner exceeding my expectations. Never once did I feel disparaged because of my lack of expertise with both computer and electronic communication methods. The Hensel firm has successfully completed at half cost the work that much larger companies quoted to me and the Holy Fire marketing procedures are excellent! With one book written and four on the go I know these people will polish me to the professional I desire to be. What do I think of Holy Fire Publishing? They simply are God’s perfect will for my writing life in Christ. (1Thess 5:18) Praise you Jesus and thank you Holy Fire Publishing!"

Kenneth Gran | Ending All Deception

"Thank you, thank you and thank you again for all your patience with me during the entire process and your most valuable input."

 I have truly loved working with you as well and even as we speak I am finalizing my autobiography, "I Can't Stop Now!" It will be completed and also ready for publishing in a few weeks. I will ask Vanessa if you and I can work together on that project as well. My God richly Bless and Anoint you in His service. You, your family and the family at Holy Fire will be in my prayers consistently. It is wonderful to find a publisher that is lead by the Spirit of God and called to His service for the purpose of spreading the Good News through the literary Arts. May God's favor go before you in all that you do, Sarah

Sarah Davis | Always Tell A Grown Up

"Words cannot adequately express my warmest thanks to the entire staff of Holy Fire Publishing for their combined efforts in making Three Questions to Heal a Marriage come alive in print."

I had a dream, but did not have the slightest idea about how to make publishing my book a reality. While praying about how to best accomplish publication, I found Holy Fire Publishing on the web. My initial contact encouraged me and reinforced my conviction that I had found what I had been looking for in a Christian Publishing House. My graphic designer exemplified a personal investment in the creation of my book cover and she welcomed my input in the process. I especially appreciate that Holy Fire Publishing is continuing to focus on ways to develop author exposure and upgrade services. If you are seeking heartfelt commitment and professional quality, I encourage you to explore what Holy Fire Publishing has to offer."

Dr. Deborah C. Bauers | Three Questions To Heal A Marriage

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"Words alone can not express my gratitude for what everyone at Holy Fire Publishing has done for these books"

I have been showing people the cover pictures and everyone is amazed. I am sorry for any inconvenience my limited knowledge of the usage of computer might have cause any one. I had no knowledge of the publishing process and I needed extra help which your staff and you provided. I wish you could keep this thank you note of file for anyone that wishes to publish with your company. Thanks so much. May the Lord himself, reward you is my prayer. Lots of appreciation comes your way from me."

Christine Daniel, M.D. | If There Is A God Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People

"I am very happy for this opportunity to express how excited I am about the wonderful work that Holy Fire Publishing has done in behalf of my book."

The publishers worked with me until they brought out the best for my book. My custom cover could not have been better. I have had many compliments on the book cover and I am happy to say, I am glad the Lord led me to Holy Fire Publishing company. All of my books as God leads will be under their watchcare."

Claudia Andrus | 40 Passions Of Christ In Poetry

"I just wanted to thank Holy Fire Publishing for a very pleasant publishing experience"

The process was easy, friendly, and amazingly fast. I am very pleased with the finished product and with every person I encountered. Grace and peace.

Chad Foster | So That You May Believe

"My experience with Holy Fire Publishing has been wonderful; I could not have asked for a better publishing company."

 I had difficulties with my final editing, and they were unbelievably patient and very helpful. Every time that I have needed help, they have readily answered my questions and assisted me in every way they could. And I love the quality of my book - it looks wonderful, and every one that has seen it has been very impressed. I would recommend Holy Fire Publishing to anyone interested in publishing a Christian book!"

Nicole Gabhart | Watered Down Coke

"Your policies of prompt, efficient service are priceless."

I was totally discouraged at attempts to publish my book until we found you. In about a month you had my book on the market. The printing and graphics are great, the quality is very good and the cost is phenomenally low. I also appreciate your marketing policy making my book available in bookstores in the United States and Canada. Thank you for forwarding my book to my newspaper for book reviews. I couldn't ask for a more helpful, considerate top-notch publisher."

Earnest Seablom | Drowning Giants

"I'm grateful that God led me to Holy Fire Publishing."

I've searched for many years for a Christian publisher like yours to publish The Asquinn Series. I've tried other publishers. They did okay but seemed indifferent to the Christian content and message. In contrast Holy Fire Publishers seemed committed to preserving and enhancing the Christian values. And the arts department went out of their way to welcome my input for the cover. I believe I know where I will turn to when it comes time to publish more titles in this series. Grace "

Grace Brooks | Asquinn Twins and No Green Pastures

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