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Our Christian publishing company is founded on a fundamental belief in the Christian faith.

We are not affiliated with any denomination. Our founder, Ed Hensel, determined that there was a need in the book publishing industry for a cost-effective way for a Christian author to get published by a company that would not publish any books that would be contrary to the gospel and would use the top distributors in the industry. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.

Why should I publish with you?

Our Commitment:

We are committed to publishing quality books that will help bring integrity to the publishing world. We will not compromise core Christian beliefs for any amount of profit. 

Your Royalties:

You determine what royalties (money) you will make on the book.  You also get to determine your retail price and the distributor discount.  Now that's putting the power into the authors hands. 

Click HERE to use the Royalty Calculator

Our Distributors:

Our distributors are the best and largest in the world.  Holy Fire Publishing distributors reach 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools and distribution partners in 220 countries and territories around the world.

Our Prayer

Father, we thank You for this company, and we thank You for all the authors whom we will be able to help spread the glory of Your name. We ask in the name of Your loving Son, Jesus, that You lead and guide us to glorify You in all that we do. Bless our authors to be prosperous as they use the talents and gifts You have given them to spread the good news of Your great love for mankind. We pray that through this company, Holy Fire Publishing, many people will come to know You as Lord. In Jesus' name we pray all these things. Amen.

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Our Contract:

Some Christian publishing companies will make you sign a contract that forces you to use them exclusively for a year or multiple years. By the time you figure out that the company is overcharging for your book and not giving you the royalty money you deserve, you're stuck in a long-term contract. At (Holy Fire Publishing), our contract can be cancelled at any time for any reason with a 60-day written notice. It's that simple. 

Our Staff:

We have a staff of Christian artists, designers, publishing specialists and publishing managers whose goal is to serve Christ by serving you.

Book Quality:

We use a high-quality, acid-free, book-grade opaque paper stock. All books with trim sizes of 6"x9" or smaller are printed on a 55# natural-shade opaque or white. Larger books are printed on 50# white. Paperback covers are printed on a bright white 80# stock in full color.

No Hidden Fee's

All prices are up front, with no gimmicks. We have the most affordable publishing packages on the market when you compare all the aspects of publishing.

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Scroll down to read our values

Values and integrity are characteristics you need in a Christian publishing company

It is of great concern that many publishers are targeting Christians even though they publish books contrary to the gospel.  Just think you could get published by a so-called Christian publishing company that promotes books with illicit sexual material or witchcraft.  Some publishers make a "Christian" page just to lure you in.

There are Christian publishers that will publish anything and don't require a book proposal.  It should be reassuring to you that Holy Fire Publishing reviews all book proposals before agreeing

to publish a book.

Please be careful and publish your book with a Christian publishing company even if you don't choose Holy Fire Publishing! We consider Holy Fire Publishing as a ministry.

Get your manuscript published!
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